Founded by Christopher D. Cuby in 1999, ROOTS is a dynamic, professional training and consultant company providing compelling, customized curriculum for educational, community and faith-based institutions via skilled, passionate trainers who are committed to the accelerated development of individuals, groups and communities.

Our Mission

R.O.O.T.S. fosters the mindset that all things are possible when individuals truly believe in their unique gifts and abilities. Our mandate is to coach clients through the discovery of the infinite possibilities open to them—and then map the path that helps them embrace the best choices for their goals.

Why Us

ROOTS (Realizing Others’ Outstanding Talents) is an award-winning training consultant company co-founded and led by Chris Cuby, a transformational Trainer, Human Development Consultant, and Leadership/Life Coach. Since 1999, Chris and his team of skilled Trainers have leveraged deep knowledge, commitment, and passion to deliver compelling, customized curriculum (Root-Shops) to educational, community, and faith-based institutions throughout the U.S.

We deliver training steeped in real-world best practices and the wisdom gleaned from years of leadership experiences in diverse fields. Our ROOTS-Shops foster effective dialogue with participants, embrace cultural competence and varied perspectives, and are delivered by highly respected facilitators with an established track record of exemplary customer service and relativity.

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Who We Are

Since our inception in 2000, ROOTS has consistently proven its ability to successfully empower people and institutions to bring about sustainable change. Our ROOTS-Shops are adaptable and customized for specific populations and strategically designed to meet the critical needs of our clients. ROOTS-Shops are developed with data, delivered with passion and creativity, and disseminated with honesty. ROOTS-Shops utilize Pre- and Post testing, scientifically tested curriculum, cutting-edge technology that enhances sessions, oral and audio presentations, role-playing, and hands-on interaction. Multimedia content is integrated into trainings to connect participants and deliver an effective and coherent message. Our globally focused, multidisciplinary team leverages its collective experiences to provide you with comprehensive and holistic solutions. We utilize all of our resources and abilities to deliver a well-balanced, impactful, relevant experience that satisfies our clients need for real time solutions to right now dilemmas.

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Chris has 25-plus years of diverse experience as a high-energy trainer/facilitator, human development consultant, curriculum designer, and youth advocate. A strong cross-functional relationship builder, over the past almost two decades leading ROOTS, he has formed productive associations with numerous school districts, non-profit organizations, and businesses.

Chris and his team pride themseleves on creating tailored, targeted programs that engage and empower both organizations and individuals ranging from youth to CEOs to inspire personal discovery and channel their authentic selves to effect change and maximize performance.

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