We Engage

We engage into Personal excellence

We work with university professionals, graduate and undergraduate students to develop leadership skills and promote a successful experience in college and beyond.

We Instill

We instill a passion and determination to be your authentic selves

We provide opportunities for reflective thinking to propel students into the next phases of their lives and careers.

We Empower

We empower the you with I‘M READY MINDSET

Our Roots-Shops inspire students with the confidence to set ambitious goals and to attain them. We cultivate emotional intelligence and the additional skills that are needed to be successful in the working world.

Sampling of Trainings

Are you worth what you desire©

This ROOT shop explores the genuine origin of real worth and how it can be utilized to help one obtain his/her goals. In this session, we guide participants to create a proper foundation upon which greatness can be built.

The Power of Affirmation and Visualization©

This dynamic session helps individuals to identify and tear down self-created barriers that hinder dreams. It also teaches individuals to be motivators in their own efforts and encouragers to those obtaining the common goal of success.

Be All There©

This empowerment ROOT-shop focuses on the practice of training the mind, body, and soul to be in harmony. With all of the pressures in society that can encourage disharmony, we teach about the D.I.D.S. that keep us from being all there.

Strive for Twelve©

This empowerment Root-Shop is truly unmatched in terms of building a solid foundation for collaborative skills. It uses a Belief Tool Kit that engages participants in an interactive training. Each participant practices effective cooperation among other team members. This involves learning inclusion of other team members’ strengths while still maintaining a sense of empowerment to obtain a common goal.

Short Overview of


Enjoy the power

Since the foundation of ROOTS, it has recognized the importance of empowerment. It understands that people are not helpless subjects to events around them, but rather invested with power to reach desired objectives. Thus, ROOTS has created its Shops with a holistic approach that teach proper application of empowerment in three areas; personal, professional, and organizational.

Our trainings involve self-reflection, personal challenge and individual implementation. This allows management to develop their key goals and strategies without hesitation because individuals are empowered to achieve as part of the plan.

The ROOTS approach looks at each organization’s views, values and culture. We evaluate, train and follow-up to ensure employees contribute effectively in their work environment. In addition, we help companies develop a culture of encouragement and reward as employees transition toward achieving their maximum potential.

In today’s challenging business environment, organizations require well-trained and prepared employees. We train individuals so they can succeed both personally and professionally. In fact, it has been proven that a well-adjusted employee is more likely to exceed objectives at every level of the organization. Our approach is not one of feel-good, back-patting; we dig deep into the truth of how an organization operates. This allows us to make recommendation and provide trainings that help move organizations forward, not leave them treading in place.